Miter Saw L.E.D. Worklight System

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Product Features

  • Bright L.E.D. technology delivers enhanced visibility
  • Illuminates Work Surface for increased productivity
  • Blade Shadow cut line delivers fast accurate alignment
  • No adjustments required for accurate repeatable cuts
  • DEWALT® Miter Saws are pre-wired to accept power supply.
  • Comes intalled in on the DWS780

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Laser Line N/A
Power Source Separate Power Supply. DEWALT Miter Saws are pre-wired to accept power supply
Idle Operation Light Illuminates without blade operation
Switch On/Off
Compatible with DW713 Type 1, DW715 Type 1 & 2, DW716 Types 1 -4, DW717 All Types, DW718, All Types,

Warranty Information

This DEWALT® High Performance Industrial Tool comes with a warranty package that includes:


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