Socket Sets

IMPACT READY Accessories: Socket Sets

Product Features

  • Includes 8 most common size sockets & 2 - 1/4" adapters
  • Pivoting organization pins allow for customized application based storage
  • Space inside the case allows for storage of a common 10" hand wrench (not included)
  • Made of high impact resistant material to give overall durability to the case
  • Small footprint & easy to carry
  • Recessed corners distributes torque across flats - promoting life
  • Thinner than pnuematic wrench sockets for tough to access areas
  • Large laser etched markings - easily identifiable
  • Designed for use in both corded & cordless Impact drivers and wrenches
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IMPACT READY® 1/2" 10 Pc. Socket Set

IMPACT READY® 3/8" 10 Pc. Socket Set

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