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DEWALT heated jackets

DEWALT® line of heated jackets is powered by DEWALT 20V MAX* or 12V MAX** lithium ion batteries. The jackets, when used with a DEWALT 20V MAX* or 12V MAX** battery, are capable of providing hours of core body warmth and continuous heat†.

The line of heated jackets includes 4 different styles: a soft shell work jacket, a hooded work jacket, a True Timber® camouflage jacket, and a True Timber® Blaze Orange camouflage jacket.

Each jacket offers a water- and wind-resistant outer shell, an LED controller with three temperature settings plus pre-heat mode, and three core body heating zones: left and right chest, and back. The soft shell work jacket and camouflage jackets offer a fourth heating zone in the collar. The heating power is transferred from the batteries to the jacket by a USB power source that is also capable of charging up to two electronic devices that are USB-compatible.

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Heated Gear