Framing Nailers
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DEWALT Framing Nailers deliver the three things professional framers desire most: 1. Lighter weight 2. Smaller size and 3. More power. By using materials like magnesium and titanium and designing a powerful new engine and valve system, DEWALT Framing Nailers are among the lightest in the industry yet pack the most punch—burying nails in engineered lumber is not a problem. And at less than 13” in height, DEWALT Framing Nailers let you work in even the tightest areas.

The D51823 & D51845 models add an integrated rafter hook and quick release jam clearing along with the tool-free adjustable depth setting available on all DEWALT Framing Nailer models to create the most fully-featured tool in the industry.

DEWALT Framing Nailers combine the job-tested product you expect with the application solution you need.

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Framing Nailers
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